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I'm really interested in your company, how can I stay in touch?
You can sign up to receive our newsletter or follow us on Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to use #SOLEMNXII in your social media posts. Watch our YouTube Channel for information on the latest development.

How can I make monetary contributions to your company?
Solemn XII ® is being developed by our subsidiary, Influent Presence VR. Our Indiegogo campaign has ended. We're going to launch another campaign soon. Revisit or bookmark this webpage for updates.

What is Solemn XII?
Solemn XII ® is the world’s first Bible VR video game with action-adventure gameplay. Players can learn and experience biblical narratives in an open world environment. Solemn XII ® is a registered trademark and is protected by patent law.

How would Solemn XII promote biblical doctrine?
Solemn XII ® was created so that individuals can learn the Bible experientially. The world is changing, and so is gaming. Virtual reality video games are at the forefront of new gaming technology. And, with virtual reality, the possibilities are limitless. This is why we created a new gaming experience allowing players to relive Bible narratives. Do you want to build Noah's Ark or part the Red Sea? We're making it possible with our game, Solemn XII ®.

We’ve done the market research and found that 4 out of 10 end users frequently play video games within a 30-day period. Feedback provided by end-users reveals that they desire approachable, accessible, and fun ways for learning the Bible, and with over a third of end-users utilizing technology for studying the Bible.

I'm unable to make a contribution at this time, how else can I help?
You can support our campaign by using #SOLEMNXII on social media. Also, stay connected by signing up to receive our newsletter.

Where and when can I purchase Solemn XII?
Solemn XII ® is currently under development and projected to be released fall 2020. Our video game will be available on PlayStation® network.

Where did you get the name Influent Presence from?
We have a page on our website dedicated to this very question. Learn more by visiting our About page.

Are there any community outreach services?
Not currently. However, we do have plans for outreach services in the future. Stay informed by signing up to receive our newsletter.

For media or publication inquiries or interests, who do I contact?
Visit our Contact Us page for additional information.

I'd like to know more about the ministry or founders?
Visit our Contact Us or About page.

I still have questions?
We look forward to hearing from you. Complete our contact form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.